Wildlife Removal in Baltimore, MD

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James captured a raccoon and removed this pest in washington DC

Wildlife Removal Services Include:

  • Stopping critters from destroying your attic or crawlspace.
  • Finding & repairing entry points like holes in your roof or walls.
  • We remove birds from dryer vents and attic vents.
  • We remove bird nests from your roof, soffits and fascia areas.
  • We deter bats from roosting in your attic and other places on your home.
  • We remove squirrels from you attic and walls.

Nest Wildlife Removal Service Is the Best For Baltimore!

Baltimore is a great place for a lot of reasons. Culture, location and neighborhoods come to mind. But there is an awful lot of wildlife in the area, too. This is great when walking on a trail or relaxing at a park. You can watch the squirrels play or see a family of raccoons at a stream, fishing. But when they come into your house, that’s another story.

Wild animals are dangerous for a few reasons. Sure, they can bite and scratch, but if you don’t go too near, that’s not an issue. But they do carry disease, sometimes, and they love to destroy things and they create their own nests. That’s really where the problems come in.

Chewing wiring and causing shorts or even fires is bad. Clawing their way into your attic, crawlspace or walls is terrible. The holes can let water in causing massive wood damage. These animals tend to make a big mess, too. Whether from droppings or from ripped insulation and other materials, the damage can get quite extensive.

Add to all this that these animals will often keep you up at night or distract you with their scurrying throughout the day and you have a really bad situation on hand. I won’t even go into the holes in your yard from gophers, bat guano from bats roosting in your eaves or birds nesting in vents that bring up their own problems. We even caught a fox, once, that had decided that the crawlspace was a good burrow and the pets were good dinner.

Please note, we do not provide services for domestic animals. Thanks!

raccoon face

These beady eyes are considering different entry points to your home. Raccoons can really destroy property fast. We can remove them.

Racoon Removal in Baltimore MD

Raccoons are smart little critters that love to eat left over food from our trash cans. The banded bandits will steal any type of food and make a serious mess as they do. Attics, walls and more areas aren’t safe from the destruction these creatures can cause.

Small mammal removal in Baltimore

Foxes, possums, beavers and other mammals can become pests when they decide to stay at your home. Nest Pest Control’s Wildlife Removal service will help you breathe easy when we take these creatures back to where they belong: the wild.

possum in a tree near Washington DC

Opossums are fierce creatures that can carry disease and make a mess of your yard..

Houston bed bugs on sofa

Playful, cute and a menace to your home. We remove squirrels.

Squirrel Control in Baltimore

It’s fun to watch the antics of these master climbers, but if they move in to your home, they cause major problems. They constantly chew on things, including wood, wires and roof materials.

Bird & Nest Removal in Baltimore

When a bird builds a nest or gets trapped in your vents, eaves or other parts of your house, it can be distressing to both the bird and the resident. When we are called to remove a bird, we do our best to remove it and the nest safely so that the bird can live freely in another place.

bed bugs on mattress in houston texas

These little sparrows needed to be removed once they could fly away. We cleaned the nest out and placed a deterrent to keep them away.

brown bat near Washington DC

Bats can eat up to 1000 insects per hour! But they can also be quite the nuisance if they roost in your house.

Bat Removal & Control

There is no better critter to keep bugs down than a bat, but when they roosting in your home, they have got to go. We use powerful chemicals, including peppermint oil, to repel bats to keep them from roosting in your home again.

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    Rodent Control
    September 5, 2022

    Nest pest control came out treat for mice. They was on time and did a great job, and got rid of my mice problem.

    Bed Bugs Control
    September 5, 2022

    Loved this company! They really professional and very knowledgeable. They got rid of all the bed bugs and I couldn't be happier. If you're thinking about using them do it! Trust me you won't be disappointed.

    Rodent Control
    September 5, 2022

    Nest pest control came out treat for mice. They was on time and did a great job, and got rid of my mice problem.

    James Caught a Raccoon Near Baltimore

    We can’t remember exactly where this picture was taken, but we do remember a few things about this job. There were actually two raccoons. One was dead and that is actually what this homeowner noticed first (the stench) that led him to finding the nest in an attic.

    When we arrived we found out where the raccoon entered into. The other pictures are representative of the roof holes we find, most often. And what we do to close up the entry points.

    At the end of the day, James caught this raccoon and helped keep a family safe from the disease and destruction they carry.

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    Baltimore’s Favorite Choice For Wildlife Removal is Nest Pest Control

    • We have the experience. We’ve been removing wildlife for 2 decades.
    • We have the knowledge. We train continuously to use the best techniques for removing wildlife.
    • We are local. We are more responsive and understand your specific needs better because we are local.
    • World-class Service. We first do an inspection, identifying all the entry points. We also close them up and provide education on how best to prevent the problem again.

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    If you can't call, just fill out this form and we'll give you a ring back and set the appointment.

      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did you know…

      Wildlife have the same thing in mind as you do when it comes to real estate: location, location, location! Only, to a critter, location is better defined by shelter, proximity to food sources and water, and convenience to other animals to make a family. Thus it is important to keep food sources down with closed containers, general cleanliness and closed access when possible.

      Nest will help you with making it hard for wildlife to enter your hose, be it by closing up an entry point or placing mesh over a vent. We’ve seen a lot and have some creative ways to provide solutions in your home.

      fixing a wildlife entry point on a washington dc area home
      hole in roof due to wildlife entry near washington dc
      James captured a raccoon and removed this pest in washington DC


      Here are a couple of common questions people ask us about Nest, wildlife control or pest control in general.

      Who will I talk to when I call?
      You will speak with James, he is the owner of Nest Pest Control and gladly takes almost every call.
      Why don't you remove snakes?
      Funny thing, that. We used to remove snakes, like this one here, but we found out that 90% of the time that by the time we arrived to remove the snake, it had slithered off. And no one wants to pay even a minor service fee for something that goes away on it’s own So, sorry, but we do not remove snakes, either.

      snake in leaves

      Why should I choose Nest for wildlife removal
      Well, there are a lot of reasons, but really it comes down to three things when choosing any company: competence, competition and customer services.

      • Competence: We have a ton of experience and training to remove all sorts of wildlife.
      • Fair Pricing Nest Wildlife Removal makes sure that we stay competitive with pricing. Although we cannot do these services for no cost, we want to make sure we aren’t overpriced, either.
      • Customer Service Our customers, including you, are our lifeblood. We provide a service, and you help feed our families. It is a fair trade and so we show it with courtesy, respect and kindness. Our professionalism to you is what sets us apart.
      Who owns Nest Pest Control?
      Nest Pest Control Baltimore is a subsidiary, a trade name, of Nest Services, LLC. James Williams owns this company outright and uses the different branding depending on the area served.
      How many raccoons have you caught and removed?

      We have removed over 400 raccoons. Plus a couple of dozen possums, scores of bats, hundreds of birds, a couple of foxes and probably 150 snakes. There have been a few other things, too, like gophers, groundhogs, squrrels and more.