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We Get Rid Of The Spiders In Your House! And We Keep Them Out.

Nest Pest Control Has Eliminated 1000s
Of Spider Threats In Baltimore!

You Need Professional Spider Control

Keeping your family safe from venomous spiders is a must. All the others are just “icky” but it’s good to keep them out, too.

jumping spider in flight near washington dc

Jumping spiders in Baltimore, MD are not aggressive, but their quick jumps can startle people.

Are spiders in your home and threatening your family?

  • Are there poisonous (venomous) spiders threatening your family?
  • Do you have webs that you are constantly trying to get rid of?
  • Are you allergic to spider bites, or don’t want to find out?
  • Are there lots of spiders that are creeping you or your family out?

We Can Eliminate The Spider Problem In Your Home.

Although spiders are actually pretty beneficial in the garden, once they are infesting your house, that’s another story. If you’ve noticed a ton of spiders in your Baltimore home, it is probably because of an increase in their food supply. Other bugs.

The best option, then, is to exterminate the spiders and then keep up a general pest control service. We offer that and we’ll be able to keep your home pest-free forever.

We’ll Control The Spider Population Inside & Outside Your Home Fast, Easy and Professionally

detail of termites in a termite colony

Wolf spiders hont their prey fiercely. But they usually leave people alone, until they find out that your house is a good house for them, too.

Call James, First.

James answers all the calls! He is the owner of Nest Pest Control and will help you get rid of all the spiders invading your home.

You Need An Expert Spider Control Company

With tens of thousands of pest control jobs under our belt, we’ve been eliminating spider problems for years. This expertise means we are fast, good and we even follow up.

black widow spider near washington DC

Black widows live in Baltimore and we can keep your family safe from these venemous spiders.

James in front of white truck for Nest Pest Control services in Washington DC

We take all pest control seriously. This is James arriving at a customer’s house near Washington DC.

Two treatments now.
Then, No Spiders!

We start with 2 treatments, two weeks apart, if you need it. Often, pest control can be done in one treatment, but if not, we’ll come back and hit ’em with a second blast and make sure the spiders are all dead.

Read These Customer Reviews!

Reviews are nice. Nice reviews are nicer. And having them all in one place to read is nicest of all!

Cockroach Control
September 5, 2022

I call Nest Services with a problem that i was having with roaches! We call over 3 companies to address our problem. They never was able to get ride of all of the roaches and their eggs. We where referred from a friend to use Nest Services. They came out and identify where the roaches was nesting. They treated the nest and came back for a follow up. We have not seen anymore roaches since then. We will use them at all times. Thanks Nest Services you guys rock!

Pest Control
September 5, 2022

Nest Pest Control did a great job, they got rid of my silverfish that had a problem for year's. Thanks Nest Pest Control for being on time and taking care of my issue. Will definitely use your services again!

Bed Bugs Control
September 5, 2022

Loved this company! They really professional and very knowledgeable. They got rid of all the bed bugs and I couldn't be happier. If you're thinking about using them do it! Trust me you won't be disappointed.

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    What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

    grass spider in burrow near washington DC

    This is a grass spider in it’s burrow. These live here, too and can become rather infesting to your yard at times.

    Local Pest Control Is Better

    The large chains have a lot of good things about them. Else they wouldn’t have gotten so large, but local pest control is the best pest control. Here’s why:

    You need pest control that is responsive. A local company, like Nest Pest Control Baltimore can be more flexible to your needs and change plans to fit you better. The other guys have to follow all sorts of protocol which can be frustrating.

    Local knows the area. And not just the map! We know the pests that are likely to be in your home and how to control for them. Different places have different kinds of pests and require different approaches. We do that.

    Local means (generally) better customer service. The bug guys can afford to lose a few customers, but each customer of ours is precious and we want to make sure you are taken care of and treated right!

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    Benefits Of Choosing Nest Pest Control:

    We Are Local Thus Much More Responsive
    We Have Coupons!
    We Are Open 24/7 To Address Your Needs
    We Arrive On-Time
    Eco-Friendly (& Pet-Friendly/Kid-Friendly) Solutions
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    Did you know…

    There are some 50,000 species of spider, but you don’t have to be worried about any of that. Nest Pest Control controls for all those spiders. Most of them are beneficial, anyway. They capture flies, hunt mosquitoes, eat cockroaches and a thousand other bugs.

    The main reason you should be concerned about spiders is because if you have an infestation of these arachnids, that means there is a lot of food around. In other words, you have a bug problem. Pest control is a definite need here in Baltimore, and Nest is ready to help you with that.

    Just imagine: no pests, no spiders, just easy breathing. That’s our promise.

    grass spider

    A grass spider.

    common house spider

    A common house spider.

    wolf spider on wall near washington dc

    A wolf spider on a wall near Baltimore. Although similar-looking to a grass spider, it has smaller spinnarets and a different eye arrangement.

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    (410) 593-0077

    If you can't call, just fill out this form and we'll give you a ring back and set the appointment.

      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)


      Not all of your questions have been answered we’re sure; so read a few more here and then be sure to call us up and we’ll go over anything else you need!

      How much will spider control cost?
      We can start a single-service treatment at $225 for two treatments, about two weeks apart. However, we also offer an ongoing treatment plan that includes spiders for different cost tiers. Let’s chat about that!
      What other bugs do you control?
      Nest Pest Control Baltimore is a full service pest control company. That means we treat for roaches, exterminate bed bugs, get rid of termites (and do state-mandated termite inspections). We also control ants, fleas and other insects and bugs.
      But we also control rodents, remove all sort of wildlife and do commercial pest control services, too!
      Who will answer the phone when I call?
      James, the owner of Nest Pest Control will answer almost always (like 95% or more) but on the rare occasion that the dispatch office needs to answer, you will be helped by a very knowledgeable person
      What venomous spiders live in Baltimore?
      There are only two venomous spiders in Baltimore that you need to be worried about: the black widow spider and the brown recluse.
      Black widows are black with a bright red mark on their abdomen. It looks very much like an hourglass.
      The brown recluse often hides in unused fabrics like tarps that are near a food source. They are medium sized, brown, and have a curious marking on their abdomen, too. It looks like a violin.
      Neither spider is particularly aggressive, but their bites will require medical attention and they will bite if you look like an aggressor to them.