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Nest Pest Control exterminates ants at the source, eliminating your infestation and keeping these insects away.

picture of a mouse for mice and rats exterminator in washington dc

Black ants forage for food.

Do ants bother you?

  • Ants will invade your home and eat your food.
  • Are there black ants are all over your kitchen and pantry?
  • Do you have red ants in your yard?
  • Are there sugar ants (or other types of ants) constantly everywhere?
  • Some ants bite or sting. Do you need to protect your family and pets?
  • Are ants are destroying your house and garden?

We Exterminate Ants in Baltimore, MD!

Queen ants are the main source of an ant infestation problem. Sure, the workers are the ones you see and following their pheromone trails from food source to food source, but the queens lay up to 800 eggs a day. Every day. All those new ants will just replace the ones you manage to step on, or spray or otherwise kill.

We know ants. We know how they work, which species are prevalent here in Baltimore and we know the best ways to exterminate ants at their source: their nest.

Nest Pest Control has been exterminating pests, including ants, in Baltimore and all across Maryland for 20+ years and with all that experience comes the expertise you can trust to control ant populations at your home.

We make it easy to get pest control!

cockroach exterminator inspecting cabinets in Washington DC

James is inspecting cabinets for evidence of pest control measures needed

You can soon have a stress-free, bug-free, life.

First, call and talk to James! He is the owner and will be able to answer your call and questions. He will then dispatch a tech to your home for treatment!

We Are Experts At Ant Control

We are local and know the Baltimore area well. We know the types of ants we have and the best ways to treat for ants and other pests here.

little black ants in washington dc

Though small, black ants of all species can become a major pest control issue.

velvet ant near washington dc

This is a velvet ant. These are actually wasps and very rare. However, they can sting and it hurts really badly. Thus their nickname “cow killer.”

Breathe Easy With No Ant Infestations

We start with ant control and make sure it lasts. You can keep ants, cockroaches, and other pests away from your house with our various pest control services in Baltimore.

Read What Other Customers Have Said About Nest Pest Control!

We’ve collected a few testimonials and reviews from off the web to read right here. We strive to be the best pest control company here in Baltimore!

Pest Control
September 5, 2022

They are VERY professional! All insects were terminated for good and they do check ups if you need them! I will continue to use them for any future pest issues!

Cockroach Control
September 5, 2022

I call Nest Services with a problem that i was having with roaches! We call over 3 companies to address our problem. They never was able to get ride of all of the roaches and their eggs. We where referred from a friend to use Nest Services. They came out and identify where the roaches was nesting. They treated the nest and came back for a follow up. We have not seen anymore roaches since then. We will use them at all times. Thanks Nest Services you guys rock!

Rodent Control
September 5, 2022

Nest Pest Control was on time, and did a great job with getting rid of my mice problem. I will use them again if we ever have a problem.

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We’ve Eliminated Persistent Ant Problems

Sometimes ants are a really hard pest to control. They are tough little bugs resistant to sprays and other surface treatments. They’ll just build out their colony in different ways to go around the insect toxins.

But ants are always hungry. So, often, you can control them with various baits laced with pesticide designed to kill the queens. When it is done properly, ant populations will start to decline within about two weeks and be gone in about 4 weeks. Sometimes a second or even third treatment is needed to completely eliminate the problem.

Then it is just a matter of maintaining pest control services to keep them away for good!

pavement ant infestation near washington dc

Pavement ant infestation near Baltimore, MD

ant control need for ants on pavers in washington dc
Small black ants on Baltimore paver stones.
carpenter ant near washington dc

Carpenter ants will eat your house like a termite; we control these, too.

Call Now (Not later) For The Best Ant Control

Our schedule fills up fast and with the next season coming, different pests take priority. You need and control now, before it gets worse, so call immediately.

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Nest Pest Control Is Your Best Ant Control Choice in Baltimore

We could be there as soon as today, if you call us.
We’ll make sure that we completely eradicate the ants from your home.
We are pest control experts and continuously train to stay thet way.
Our guarantees against returning ants and other pests will keep you breathing easy.

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About those Ants in your Kitchen…

Don’t Wait For Ants To Take Control

Ant control is about two things: timing and location. Nest Pest Control hunts out the locations and will make sure that the treatments we offer eliminate the problems at the source in a timely manner and we’ll come back and retreat when necessary. That way you can be sure that all the ants at your home will be eliminated.

We also have guarantees and return appointments so that you can be assured that the pest control services you want are complete.

Finally, we offer ongoing pest control treatments on a monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly basis to stay on top of things. Bugs are constantly trying to invade your home, shouldn’t we be constantly protecting it?

Pavement ants coming up through the cracks in a driveway. These guys make additional colonies that can sometimes be difficult to remove.


We might not have answered all your ant control questions here. Or maybe you want to know about Nest Services in more detail. Here are a few FAQs and as always, we will be happy to answer all questions on the phone, without any obligation.

How long does it take to get rid of ants at my house?
Once we’ve identified the primary nests at your place, we then lay various bait and sprays to start curbing the ant problem. After this initial treatment, it could take up to 2 weeks to notice a reduction in ant populations. However, the treatments are working.

It typically takes about a month before the ants are completely exterminated. Even without any further treatments, there shouldn’t be any new infestations for at least 3 months.

If you do not see a reduction in ants by week 3, call us back. If you continue to have ants after week 4 or 5, then we will need to reinspect and potentially modify our pest control approach to this problem.

When I call, with whom will I speak?
You will talk with James, the owner of Nest Pest Control. His expertise and acumen for pest control is extrordinary. If he cannot speak to you for whatever reason, you will instead speak with one of our talented and knowledgeable dispatchers.
How long has Nest been in business?
Nest Services (the parent of Nest Pest Control) was started as a stand-alone pest control company in 2007. However, James has been doing pest control services since about 2000.
What's the cost?
Although there are variables like how heavily infested your home is, size of the property and more, a typical house can be protected for about $225*. That is for two treatments about 1-2 weeks apart that will completely eliminate ants in your home. Of course, you can also get our continuous treatment plan. Talk to James about current pricing or specials.

*$225 was current at publication. We reserve the right to change the price because of inflationary pressures, demand or supply issues. Ask James on the phone and you’ll get the current, up-to-date price.

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