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3207 Greenmount Avenue
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Calling on the telephone is by far and away the most effective way to reach us. James strives to answer every call as soon as it comes in, day or night. If he does miss your call, please leave a message and he will return your call.

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Just fill out this form to start the process and we’ll go from there to determine the best way to address your pest control problems. If you must send a direct email: [email protected].

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M-F: 24 hrs

After 6 pm, “after hours” charges apply. We can still schedule you, sometimes, though usually our commercial clients have us booked. Instead we will set up a better time for us to come and assess your situation.

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    Frequent Questions


    How long have you been in business?

    James has been doing pest control since 2000. However, He started Nest Services (the corporation for Nest Pest Control Baltimore) in 2007.

    What pest control specialties do you have?

    We offer all sorts of pest control services in Baltimore and the surrounding area. However, the most in-demand services are bed bug extermination, termite control and rodent control. But wildlife removal has been really successful since we started offering it 4 years ago.

    Are you local?

    Yes we are! We are headquartered just down the road in Greenbelt, and we’ve served Baltimore for the entire time we’ve been in business. Many of our techs actually live in Baltimore, too.

    How soon can you provide service?

    Call us and we’ll find out.
    Often, we can provide service the same or next day. If you need something more, we might have to schedule you in a few days.