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We Hunt Down & Destroy Bed Bugs So You Can Rest!

*We set up two visits to your home, two weeks apart and guarantee the results for a minimum of 3 months after the second visit. Ask for more details.

Nest Pest Control Has Eliminated 1000s Of Bed Bug Infestations In Baltimore!

Do You Have Bed Bugs?

No matter how hard you’ve tried, are bed bugs continuing to eat you at night?

cockroach exterminator inspecting cabinets in Washington DC

Bed bug bites on a girl the morning after bed bugs fed. We can stop this kind of thing from happening.

Why Are Bed Bugs Maryland’s Worst Pest?

  • They crawl all over and bite you at night.
  • Bed bugs will bite your children making them miserable.
  • They can be all throughout your house, in chairs, sofas, and everywhere else!
  • Bed bugs hide in the carpet, biting your pets and waiting for a better time to bite you.
  • They create worrisome bites & rash and maybe even disease.
  • There Are 1000s Of Houses & Apartments With Bed Bug Infestations!

We Eliminate Bed Bug Infestations In Baltimore

One day we had a customer call us complaining about the itchy rash they had from sitting in their chair. Although they never saw the bugs, the char was a haven for these little parasites. It provided a comfortable place to nest while having their preferred food source, humans, nearby.

When we arrived, we inspected the easy chair as well as the rest of the apartment. Thankfully, the bed bugs were contained to just that room (that’s not usually the case!). We took the chair and sofa out and treated them, then proceeded to do a treatment on the carpets. Carpets are particularly difficult to treat, requiring various pesticides and baits, sometimes even needing to be removed to truly be effective.

Anyway, we treated the apartment and cleaned up the infestation. We also followed up about 2 weeks later to retreat to get all the nits that were eggs at the time of original treatment. In the end, we saved this customer a lot of pain and irritation from these little bugs and did it all quickly and for a fair price.

Breathe Easy With No Bed Bugs In (Or Out Of) Sight!

bed bug exterminator in washington dc spraying behind mattress for bed bugs

Imagine a life with no bed bugs! Here, a barrier is sprayed to help protect from bed bugs.

How Soon Can We Help Exterminate The Bed Bugs?

How about today? We can’t promise that we have a clear calendar, but we usually have a few slots. So call and we can discuss this. We also have a few emergency slots, even in the night time (for a premium fee).

Expert Bed Bug Exterminators

We’ve performed tens of thousands of pest control treatments and killed many millions of bed bugs. It’s not as simple as spraying the house. No, it takes dedication, several techniques and a determination to eradicate these creatures. That’s what we bring.

bed bugs on underside of sofa near washington DC

Bed bugs on a couch in Baltimore, MD.

close up of bed bug

A close up look at a bed bug.

Benefits Of Choosing Nest Pest Control

  • We Are Local Thus Much More Responsive
  • We Arrive On-Time
  • Eco-Friendly (& Pet-Friendly/Kid-Friendly) Solutions
  • We Treat All Of Our Customers Fairly & Promptly
  • We Have Coupons!
  • We Are Open 24/7 To Address Your Needs

You Need A Pest Control Expert.

(That's Us! For instance, here is just one accolade:)

Top Pest Control Services in Towson

Read What Other Customers Have Said About Nest Pest Control!

We work all over the Baltimore area, eradicating pests like bed bugs. So, we asked our customers to leave reviews. Here are a couple of them for you to read.

Cockroach Control
September 5, 2022

I call Nest Services with a problem that i was having with roaches! We call over 3 companies to address our problem. They never was able to get ride of all of the roaches and their eggs. We where referred from a friend to use Nest Services. They came out and identify where the roaches was nesting. They treated the nest and came back for a follow up. We have not seen anymore roaches since then. We will use them at all times. Thanks Nest Services you guys rock!

Pest Control
September 5, 2022

Great response time.

Bed Bugs
September 5, 2022


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    bed bugs infesting mattress near washington dc

    We Hunt For Baltimore Bed Bugs. Wherever They Are.

    Bed bugs are a constant nuisance in Baltimore and all throughout Maryland. That’s why we specialize in treatment that works and kills them. The trick is to get them all!

    When we go on the hunt for bed bugs we look everywhere. They might be in your bed, of course, but often they are hanging out on the floor or the couch like this customer’s infestation. Then we start killing them.

    Since bed bugs are so resilient, you need to surround and suffocate them. Then we basically cook them until they no longer are alive. Then we put a chemical that kills the rest and keeps new bed bugs away. That’s a job well done and what we are here to do!

    Call Nest Pest Control For Bed Bugs Extermination in Baltimore Before We Don’t Have Room For You

    Make sure you and your family are safe from these parasites. We will kill the bugs and keep you pest-free. But we only have a limited number of slots and you don’t want to suffer forever, do you? Call now.

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    Bed Bugs Inspection 

    Must Mention Coupon 1. For all new customers!

    All coupons are valid with announcement that you have seen them. “Free” coupons for inspections never include WPI inspections for termites. Coupons are NOT valid after “normal business hours” meaning after 6 PM or before 9 AM. We do offer emergency services 24/7, though, so if you need a pest removed at 2 AM (and we have the manpower to spare that particular night) we can accommodate you.

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    If you can't call, just fill out this form and we'll give you a ring back and set the appointment.

      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Nest Is The Best For Bed Bugs Control

      We’ve successfully exterminated millions of bed bugs across about a thousand treatments in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond.
      We guarantee our bed bug treatment will work.
      Even with the BBB we are A+ rated.

      We are expert exterminators.

      We have an excellent service record across 10,000+ treatments.

      Our pricing is good, too!

      Did you know…

      Bed bugs arrived on this planet before humans did. In fact, there were bed bugs during the dinosaur era. Today, there are many species of bed bug and each has a preferred prey.

      The species that most commonly feeds on human blood is Cimex lectularis. They are found throughout the world, but are especially prevalent here in the southeastern USA. That’s one reason we specialize in treating these parasites.

      We know you have a lot of options when choosing an exterminator in Baltimore, so we are grateful that you are considering us. Give us a call and lets get you Breathing Easy again, without bed bugs ruining your night’s sleep.

      dead bed bugs in mattree
      Bed bugs on a mattress near Baltimore. We wrapped it in plastic and cooked these bugs to death.
      james searching for bugs
      Nest Pest Control treats for all types of bugs. James is searching for termite evidence.
      bed bugs on sofa near washington dc
      Bed bugs on the underside of a couch cushion near Baltimore, MD


      If you are like most folks, you probably have a few questions about how our treatments work, what to expect, what kind of company we are and more. You can read these few questions for answers and then call us with any other bedbug or other pest-related questions.

      What is the process for getting treatments?
      In simple terms, there are three steps:

      1. Get a quote.Call, text or send a message to Nest. James will set up a quote for you.
      2. Get Treatment For Bed BugsSchedule a time and we’ll be there to treat your home and belongings for bed bugs
      3. Breathe Easy. Pest Free!We’ll follow-up in a few days to make sure you are completely taken care of, but you should be able to breathe (and sleep) easy again without the fear of a pest biting you in the night.
      Do you have bed bug dogs?
      Usually we don’t need Fido to find the bed bugs for us, but if there is an especially troubling infestation, we’ll bring one in. These dogs are specially trained to find bed bugs by smelling them out and then we take care of the rest.
      Do bed bugs have disease?
      It is theoretically possible for bed bugs to transmit a pathogen, but they are not know to do it. We suggest you are safe from disease from these guys, but we can kill them to be certain.
      Who is Nest Pest Control?
      James Williams started Nest Services over 20 years ago after spending several years working for another pest control company. Nest pest Control is a DBA of Nest Services. Read our page about Nest Pest Control for more information.

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      If you can't call, just fill out this form and we'll give you a ring back and set the appointment.

        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)