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Do You Have Cockroaches?

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James, inspecting under the kitchen cabinets for cockroach infestations in Baltimore.

Don’t Get Overrun By The Roaches In Baltimore

  • Are they in your home and grossing you out?
  • Cockroaches are disease carriers and they need to be exterminated.
  • “Waterbugs” & “Palmetto Bugs” are just other names for the same thing: the American Cockroach
  • There are millions of roaches in Baltimore: American, German, Brown, and more. We can kill them all.
  • Do you see traces of them? Their feces looks kind of like pepper, everywhere.
  • They like to live where it is dark, wet, and with access to food.

We Are Nest Pest Control: Expert Cockroach Exterminators

Although cockroaches are all over the United States, they tend to be bigger and more numerous here in the South and on the Eastern Seaboard. Because of this, and Southerner’s natural tendency to make gross things more, er, palateable, they (we) have renamed some of these creatures “waterbugs” or “palmetto bugs.” Bless our hearts.

Regardless of what <b>you</b> call them, cockroaches should not be in your home, eating your… everything (see our “Did you know” section for more) and trailing disease and general disgust throughout your home.

Also, cockroaches don’t just go into dirty homes. They seek shelter like all creatures, love humid, watery areas (like kitchen sinks and bathrooms) and dark areas like cabinets, inside your walls et cetera. If you think you might have cockroaches infesting your space, don’t you owe it to yourself to give us a call so we can eliminate the cockraoch problem you might have?

We Can Eradicate the Roach Problem In Your Home.

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A pest control technician applying insecticide in a commercial setting. It kills roaches and keeps them away.

How soon? We exterminate roaches 24/7.

Now, we may not be able to exterminate in your home in the middle of the night (we need to see where we are spraying) but we can certainly set up a better time to meet with you about the cockroaches you are seeing. We actually do a lot of restaurant and commercial pest control at night.

We Are Experts Cockroach Exterminators

We’ve got over 30,000 exterminations under our belts! Most of those cockroach problems were taken care of within two visits (one to get the adults, one to get young that survived). We are the expert pest control you need.

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James, applying pest control remedies on the outside of a house near Baltimore.

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A good roach is a dead roach.

Breathe Easy Again After We’ve Exterminated The Roaches

Our cockroach remediation efforts will help to keep other bugs out, too. Like Spiders. Since we are a full-service pest control provider in Baltimore, MD, just call us with any pest problem and we’ll be there! (Got wildlife issues like mice and rats? We take care of that, too.).

Read What Other Customers Have Said About Nest Pest Control!

We’ve collected a few testimonials and reviews from off the web to read right here. We strive to be the best pest control company here in Baltimore!

Rodent Control
September 5, 2022

Nest pest control came out treat for mice. They was on time and did a great job, and got rid of my mice problem.

Cockroach Control
September 5, 2022

Nest Pest Control did a great job getting rid of our roach problem! They where on time and professional we will use them again if we ever had a issue.

Cockroach Control
September 5, 2022

We where having a bad problem with roaches! We call another company that came out and a horrible job. After they did the service we still had a roach problem. My wife said that we need to get another company. We was referred from a friend to call Nest Pest Control. They came out and identify where the roaches was nesting. They came out twice and ever since then we have not seen any roaches at all! We will be use them forever.

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    Benefits Of Choosing Nest Pest Control:

    1. We Are Local Thus Much More Responsive
    2. We Arrive On-Time 99% of the time
    3. Eco-Friendly (& Pet-Friendly/Kid-Friendly) Solutions
    4. We Treat All Of Our Customers Fairly & Promptly
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    A German cockroach near Baltimore, MD

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    An American cockroach near Baltimore.
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    Customers are happy there are no more roaches in their home when we are finished!

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    Since our schedule fills up fast calling early gets you priority. And with the next season coming, different pests take priority. You need cockroach control now, before it gets worse, so call immediately.

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    All coupons are valid with announcement that you have seen them. “Free” coupons for inspections never include WPI inspections for termites. Coupons are NOT valid after “normal business hours” meaning after 6 PM or before 9 AM. We do offer emergency services 24/7, though, so if you need a pest removed at 2 AM (and we have the manpower to spare that particular night) we can accommodate you.

    Nest Pest Control Is Your Best Service Provider in Baltimore

    We could be there as soon as today, if you call us.

    We’ll make sure that we completely eradicate the roaches from your home.

    We are pest control experts and continuously train to stay thet way.

    Our guarantees against returning infestations will keep you breathing easy.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did you know…

      Cockroaches are pretty resilient creatures. Although the ones in a nuclear blast area would perish, the roaches that come in later would survive the radioactive fallout.
      Roaches also eat almost anything. Carpet, hair, cardboard, toenails. You name it and these guys munch on it. I suppose it is good that these things will break down because of these bugs, but did they have to be so ugly to make your skin crawl?

      American cockroaches are larger with two spots on the back of their thorax. We also call these palmetto bugs or waterbugs.


      We can’t answer all your pest control questions here, but here are a few common questions about cockroach control, pest control or Nest Services in general. As always, we will be happy to answer all questions on the phone, without any obligation.

      How much does cockroach control cost?
      That can be hard to say, however, when we come and inspect your home for service, we’ll let you know the exact amount. It will change based on the amount of infestation, maintenance packages chosen, size of the home and time of day you need it done. But typically, it starts at $225 for two treatments about one or two weeks apart to eliminate a roach problem, plus maintenance.
      When I call, with whom will I speak?
      You will talk with James, the owner of Nest Pest Control. His expertise and acumen for pest control is extrordinary. If he cannot speak to you for whatever reason, you will instead speak with one of our talented and knowledgeable dispatchers.
      How long has Nest been in business?
      Nest Services (the parent of Nest Pest Control) was started as a stand-alone pest control company in 2007. However, James has been doing pest control services since about 2000.
      Do you guarantee roaches won't come back?

      We have a 3 month guarantee. However, in order to maximize the effectiveness of our cockroach control treatments, it is best to get set up on a recurring pest control plan. That way we can keep the roaches at bay (and it will be cheaper in the long run!).

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      If you can't call, just fill out this form and we'll give you a ring back and set the appointment.

        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)