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Wasps Are Dangerous. 1000s Can Be In A Large Nest

These Stinging Insects Can Be Very Aggressive When You Get Too Near Their Home

bald faced hornet nest on home near washington dc
This bald-faced hornet’s nest was removed by Nest from a home near Baltimore in 2021.
Professional wasp nest removal services protect you.

  • If there are a lot of wasps near your house, this will diminish the numbers.
  • Wasp nests can be destructive to house paint, siding and more.
  • Wasps are especially dangerous to children or those with venom allergies.
  • Pets are not safe with an occupied wasp nest. They are curious and will likely get stung.
  • Wasps aren’t the only stinging insect to worry about: hornets and “murder hornets” live around here, yellow jackets and killer bees do, too. Even regular honeybees can sting when aggravated.

Nest Pest Control Removes Wasps Nest in the Baltimore Area

Wasps in the wild are great insects to have around. They kill and eat smaller insects like flies and mosquitoes. They are a natural pest control. However, if they deem your house is good to make their house on, then you have trouble.

Recognizing what type of insect you have is a good indicator of what food sources are around. Wasps like other insects, as we’ve said, but they also like getting quick protein snacks from our trash or even dead animals. If you have either of these problems, they need to be dealt with, too.

We make it easy to get rid of wasp’s nests.

James in front of white truck for Nest Pest Control services in Washington DC

James arrives at a home outside of Baltimore for some pest control action!

First, Call Nest Pest Control Baltimore

When we receive your call or message, we’ll set a time to come and inspect your property. We’ll tell you exactly what you are dealing with and come up with a plan to solve the problem.

We are the wasp nest experts.

We’ve been exterminating bugs for years. 20 years is more like it. We have the experience, training and know-how to remove wasp nests quickly, efficiently and safely.

wasp and bee differences image

Wing shape, coloration, hairyness and leg shape are all differences between bees and wasps. And more.

european hornet detail

Large hornets can sometimes be especially dangerous to you and your family.

You don’t have to endanger yourself

By having us remove the nest, exterminating the wasps and laying a preventive spray, we will keep wasps from returning to your home and keep your family, pets and even your house safe from these pests.

Customer Reviews For You

Some of our customers leave reviews. Here are a few that you might like to read.

Bed Bugs Exterminator
September 5, 2022

Nest Services LLC technician was on time and very knowledgeable about bed bugs. They solved our issue. I referred them to another customer and we will definitely use them again.

Bed Bugs Control
September 5, 2022

Loved this company! They really professional and very knowledgeable. They got rid of all the bed bugs and I couldn't be happier. If you're thinking about using them do it! Trust me you won't be disappointed.

Pest Control
September 5, 2022

James at Nest Pest Control is really truly the MVP. He additionally offered tips to help me deal with my pest control issues in between treatments which was far above and beyond the call of his duty, so that was greatly appreciated. I now have my permanent pest control guy for all future treatment needs! Highly recommended.

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    High or Low, We Take Care Of It All

    Here we have two different wasp nest removal jobs. The one in the gable was a paper wasp nest that the homeowner only realized was there after there were several wasps flying into and out of her son’s open window. We were able to go out there and destroy this nest some 25 feet off the ground.

    The last image is of a bald-faced hornet nest wrapped around the gas pipes for a house near Baltimore. We saturated the nest with an insecticide and, wrapped in protective gear, we removed the nest and made sure the queen and all the other hornets inside were dead, too. These are dangerous insects and we weren’t taking any chances.

    Neither should you. If you have a hornet nest or wasp nest or any other flying, stinging insect nest to deal with, let us do it for you and keep your family, and yourself, safe from the danger of these insects.

    wasp nest before removal

    This wasp nest was high on the gable of this house, about 23 feet off the ground.

    after removing wasp nest near washington dc

    A Bald-Faced Hornet’s nest before we removed and destroyed it.

    man stung in face by wasp

    Getting stung in the face is no joke! Protect your family from terrible wasp stings by getting that wasp nest removed.

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    Did you know…

    If you want to keep wasps from building nests at your home, there are a few things that you can do to make your place less appealing to them. The good news is that these things will make your place more appealing to you!

    First. Wasps feed their young the protein of other bugs and the protein they find in trash. So remove their food sources. Keep lids on trash canisters tight, bag trash inside and, if possible, store the canisters inside a garage or other place that will keep wasps and hornets out. Also, get regular pest control service. Keeping down the bugs around your home will also keep wasps from building nests on it.

    Second. Adult wasps tend to eat sugary nectars and fruit. Especially if it is soft and rotting on the ground. Clean up fallen fruit and keep flowering plants farther from home.

    Third. Minimize outdoor water sources. Standing water is bad because mosquitoes breed in it, but other animals, including wasps, drink it. Still fountains, tires with water in them, bowls, buckets and other things that catch water should all be emptied and put away. You’ll keep both wasps and mosquitos down.

    bald faced hornet nest on home near washington dc

    Bald-faced hornet nest. Yep, we remove these types of nests, too! Just call Nest Pest Control to get rid of stinging insect nests on your property.


    We know that not all of your questions have been answered on this page about spider control in Washington DC, so here are a couple that are commonly asked. Then, call us and ask any more you have and we’ll get you educated to make a good decision.

    Will winter kill off a hive?
    Sort of. All the wasps, except the queen in certain species, will starve and die by winter. With no nectar to eat, they cannot survive. The queen, though, will seek new, warmer shelter, often indoors, and hibernate. She’ll make a new nest in the spring.

    In other species, the next generation’s queens and few males will fly out of the nest and hibernate until the following spring.

    Regardless of what happens, winter causes a die off, but will not get rid of the problem. Pest control service is your best bet against future nesting behaviors.

    How fast can you remove the nest?
    Sometimes the same day, often a day or two later, depending on our schedules. Call us and we will set up the time to remove the nest. It only takes a few minutes to actually remove the nest, clean up and spray a deterrent insecticide.
    When I call, who is going to answer thephone?
    James, the owner, answers almost all calls and will help you get the right service that you need.
    Is there a guarantee?
    We do have a guarantee against the rebuild of a nest in the treated area for this season. But if your whole house isn’t treated in general, or if it is the next season after the treatments wear off, call us again when you need to remove another wasp nest.

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    If you can't call, just fill out this form and we'll give you a ring back and set the appointment.

      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)