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Are You Having A Rodent Control Problem?

Do You Have Mice or Rats Invading Your House?

picture of a mouse for mice and rats exterminator in washington dc

Mice have bigger ears and eyes in proportion to rats.

These are common problems with mice & rats. If they are familiar to you, you need a professional:

  • Mice & rats burrow into your walls and can cause major damage to your home, including fire!
  • Squirrels can chew through your roof allowing major water damage to happen
  • All these rodents eat your food and contaminate your living space. Yuck!
  • Rodents are disease carriers; you need to keep your family safe!
  • Left Alone, These Creatures Can Destroy Your Home, Eat Your Food & Get You Sick!
  • We are mouse catchers, rodent exterminators, pest control experts that will take care of your rodent problems!

Nest Pest Control Will Exterminate Rodents For You

Rodents like rats and mice have been pests to humans as long as there have been both. Our domains often overlap. And we like similar foods, like grains. So, when an opportunity arises, rats and mice will take it and eat your food and destroy your home by chewing their tunnels to get to it.

Luckily, mice and rats don’t get along very well and so you probably have either a mouse or rat problem, not both. However, squirrels are a whole different matter. They tend to stay in the attic. They’ll chew a hole through the roof and make a nest, and sometimes even hoard nuts and seeds up there. It can be a mess.

Getting rid of these rodents os no small task. You can do it on your own. Maybe. But most prefer the professional services like Nest Pest Control Baltimore. We’ll get rid of rodents fast and easy for you.

We Make It Easy To Live Rodent-Free Again

james owner nest pest control with client

James, on the right, with a client.

Who Will You Call On The Phone?

When you call, James will speak with you on the phone! He is the owner of Nest Pest Control and will answer your questions. He will dispatch a technician to your home, or come himself, for rodent control in Baltimore!

We Are Mouse, Rat & Squirrel Control Experts

We’ve trapped 100s and exterminated thousands of different rodents in the Baltimore area. Over the last two decades we’ve gained more experience and more understanding than almost all the other pest control services in town!

rat on dock waiting for exterminator washington dc

Rats can be mean and will eat most anything.

clean comfortable house representing easy pest control in Washington dc

Protect your home with Nest Pest Control.

Benefits Of Choosing Nest Pest Control:

  • We Are Local Thus Much More Responsive
  • We Arrive On-Time
  • Eco-Friendly (& Pet-Friendly/Kid-Friendly) Solutions
  • We Treat All Of Our Customers Fairly & Promptly
  • We Have Coupons!
  • We Are Open 24/7 To Address Your Needs

Customer Reviews Speak For Themselves

Our customers and clients leave lots of testimonials. Some are nice and we’ve included those here. Some we learn from and make our service better for you.

Insect Control
September 5, 2022

Nest Pest Control was incredibly responsive and supportive as I dealt with a serious flea infestation. Communication was always prompt, they arrived on time as promised, and in between visits I always felt I could reach out with questions and concerns. Highly recommend.

Spider Control
September 5, 2022

We had a problem with spiders, we called Nest Pest Control. It was after hours and we did not think that any one could be able to come out. James answered the phone and said that they are a 24hr pest control company. They came out on time and got rid of our problem. We are so happy that we found this company!

Bed Bugs Exterminator
September 5, 2022

Nest Services LLC technician was on time and very knowledgeable about bed bugs. They solved our issue. I referred them to another customer and we will definitely use them again.

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    Got A Commercial or Farm Property? We’ve Got You Covered.

    Although we focus a lot on the city of Baltimore, we also work in a lot of other places. That includes the rural areas surrounding the city. In fact, the pictures here show a recent job we did where we provided rodent control to a barn that was being overrun with rats. First, we surveyed the property and identified entry points and traces where the rodents tended to travel.

    Then we went to work by closing up those entrances, laying down a mesh barrier within the concrete we poured to stop the rodents from entering by any means except the front door (we laid traps, there, too) and covered up the construction with a layer of gravel.

    In the end, the barn looked good and is well-protected from rodents.

    We also provide the same services customized to restaurants, offices, stores and other commercial entities.

    Mice & Rat Exterminator in Washington DC | Nest Pest Control

    The stables in Rosaryville, MD. We started by identifying all the entry points.

    rodent control hole before sealing up

    This is farther down the same wall. We found 14 entry points and several more that were begun.

    rodent control hole seal during sealing process

    We started by identifying all the entry and exits. Then exterminated all the current rat residents. After that, we dug a trench around the perimeter of the building and laid mesh into it. This is us measuring the mesh before mixing with concrete and final placement.

    After the concrete was laid, we buried it with earth, sod and rocks as shown below.

    rodent removal hole sealed near washington
    rodent control hole sealed near washington dc

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    Nest Is Baltimore’s Best Choice For Rodent Control

    We have the experience you need. Over 20 years worth.
    We are trained continuously to make sure we know the best ways to control rodents.
    We are licensed and insured for your protection.
    Our customer service is top-notch and we will educate you on what you need to know about rodent control.

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    Did you know…

    One of the new techniques we use is rat control using carbon monoxide. This poisonous gas kills the rats where they are, if we cannot get to them. Some of these burrows are dozens of feet underground.

    Back in the day, we either drowned them with water, which was terrible for the yard, or we’d rip up the yard and dig them out. Which is even worse.

    Luckily, we don’t always need to use this technique, actually, we pretty rarely use it, but is sure is nice to know there are other ways to kill a rat.

    carbon monoxide machine for rodent control
    carbon monoxide kills rats washington
    james searching for bugs


    If you need to know more about us, rodent control or Baltimore pest control in general, please call. We’re happy to answer any of these questions. In the meantime, here are a couple of commonly asked questions for you to read.

    What is dangerous about rats & Mice?
    The main reason these rodents are dangerous is the disease they carry. Since they often travel the same routes, the bacteria and viruses that are in their feces are dropped along the way. Then the mouse or rat runs along it, carrying that bacteria with them wherever they go and put it on whatever they touch.

    Also, rodents will bite, especially when cornered and rats in particular carry a pathogen that can give you what’s called rat-bite disease when they bite. Not an inventive name, but the fevers and other symptoms are not fun to deal with.

    What are the differences between a rat and mouse?
    To tell whether you have a mouse or rat problem, without seeing the animal, you’ll need to look at their droppings. Mouse droppings are smaller, and they have more pointed ends whereas the larger, perhaps 3/4″ long, rat droppings look more squared off, almost like a brick.

    Look at the food choices they make. Although both rats and mice are opportunity eaters, they do have favorite snacks. Mice will prefer carbs like wheat, other grains and flour made from them. Rats will eat most anything, including your pet’s food, tuna and more.

    How do I get rid of mice or rats on my own?
    The way to keep mice and rats from being in your home is relatively simple: keep food sources away, keep entry points closed and keep access hard.

    Start with the outside. Bushes and tree branches that come close to the house are good ways for rodents of all types to come close and nibble their way in. Trim them back.

    Next, check all around the house. Seal up cracks, even small ones, and keep those rodents out.

    If mice are already in your house, place bait and traps along their traces. This will generally kill them. But if you are squeamish at all, let us do the trapping and disposal.

    Rats are a lot harder to get rid of. They are more intrepid, aggressive and they burrow underground. They often enter a home through the basement or crawlspace.

    One thing to keep in mind. Never place any rat bait where children or pets can easily reach them. The best solution is to let Nest Pest Control take care of the rodent control problem for you.

    How much does rat or mouse or squirrel control cost?
    Rodent control pricing is based on a number of factors: how big is the property to be protected, how many holes need to be sealed up, how many rodents are actually there, and more. Pricing changes, too, unfortunately, due to inflationary pressures, costs of rodenticide and other measures and how much I need to pay my guys. You’ll need to call to find out current pricing. Regardless of the cost, we will make sure the job is done, even if we need to come back to ensure it is complete. You will be rodent free. We guarantee it.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)