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Termites Are Nasty Bugs. Do You Have Termites?

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termite mud tubes from subterranean termites in washington dc

Mud tubes, leavings and wood rot in the basement of a home near Baltimore.

  • Termites cause billions in damages every year.
  • They can come in through the ground or the walls.
  • Most people tent their homes and fog them to kill termites. That’s a lot of toxic dust!
  • Tenting only kills the ones there, it doesn’t stop new bugs from coming in!

We Will Eradicate The Termite Problem From Your Home With Our Effective & Safe Solution!

We can show you how our treatment is better and safer than others. Let’s talk!

Nest Pest Control knows what to do. We have been doing this for decades and know how to stop termites in their tracks. Our treatment allows you to stay in the comfort of your home while also killing all the termites in the colony. We make sure to spray a treatment around your whole home so that they stay away.

Our experts are constantly researching new techniques and products so that we can offer the most effective and safe treatments to our customers. They also train to know how to identify signs of termite infestations and damage. You know you are getting the best when you choose Nest!

Ask us about our yearly preventative treatments. It keeps termites away and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs from termite damage.

How Soon Can We Exterminate The Termites?

We will answer your call day or night and then set up a time that suits you to help. We make it easy to control for termites, you won’t even have to leave your house.

detail of termites in a termite colony
Termites in a termite colony.

Who Will You Call On The Phone?

When you call, James will speak with you on the phone! He is the owner of Nest Pest Control and will answer your questions about our unique, effective and fast termite control solutions.

Termite Experts for more than 20 Years

We’ve controlled termites and other pests for a long time. In fact we’ve served over 30,000 clients. Let us show you the Nest Pest Control difference.

Pest Control expert applying termite control in washington dc

James applying a termite or general pest control solution to the exterior of a home in Washington DC.

wood rot from termites. needs termite control

Wood that has been eaten by termites is exceedingly brittle and could collapse on you and your family.

Benefits Of Choosing Nest Pest Control:

We Are Local Thus Much More Responsive
We Arrive On-Time
Eco-Friendly (& Pet-Friendly/Kid-Friendly) Solutions
We Treat All Of Our Customers Fairly & Promptly
We Have Coupons!
We Are Open 24/7 To Address Your Needs

Check out these reviews!

Our customers help us to know how we are doing. Here are some testimonials from customers who received pest control including termite treatments.

Cockroach Control
September 5, 2022

I call Nest Services with a problem that i was having with roaches! We call over 3 companies to address our problem. They never was able to get ride of all of the roaches and their eggs. We where referred from a friend to use Nest Services. They came out and identify where the roaches was nesting. They treated the nest and came back for a follow up. We have not seen anymore roaches since then. We will use them at all times. Thanks Nest Services you guys rock!

Pest Control
September 5, 2022

They are VERY professional! All insects were terminated for good and they do check ups if you need them! I will continue to use them for any future pest issues!

Bed Bugs Exterminator
September 5, 2022

I was sleeping in my car due to the bed bugs but then Nest Services came along and took care of my problem. I cant thank them enough for their professionalism and service. I will recommend them to anyone. Good people. We need more businesses like Nest Services. Worth the money.

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    brown winged termites from swarm near washington dc

    Stay home and see the difference with Nest Pest Control Baltimore

    We know the frustration with added expenses and stress of having to leave your home. That is why Nest Pest Control researches and studies different techniques of termite treatments so that you can stay safe and stay in your home, but also be pest free.

    Our technique is to lay baits that the termites eat and return to the colony with so that all of the termites are affected with a poison that kills them. Then we put a barrier around the perimeter of your home to keep more termites from returning for years to come. 

    We offer annual follow-up treatments that allow you to breathe easy knowing that your home is protected. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in home repairs, so call us today to keep your home safe.

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    Nest Pest Control is the best termite control service in Baltimore.

    We have over 20 years of experience.

    We keep up to date on all the best termite extermination techniques.

    Our preventive treatments are guaranteed to keep your home termite free.

    We offer termite inspection services, including WDI Reports

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    Did you know…

    Some termites aren’t born with eyes! Usually, king and queen termites and other reproductive termites have very weak eyes, but because termites rarely use their vision, the natural evolution of termites causes some workers to be born without eyes at all. Pheromones, chemical trails, environmental cues, and even their sense of touch help guide termites to food sources and throughout their burrow without the need of eyes. What do you think about that?
    termite fungus garden detail image
    3 meter termite mounds in africa
    termite infestation in washington dc basement


    Do you have more questions about how we do termite control? We are happy to answer all of your questions when you call, but here are a few answers to help now.

    How can I prevent termites from eating my home?
    Here are some preventative measures you can take to avoid an infestation of termites.

    • Create a 4-inch barrier between soil and wooden structures.
    • Store firewood 6 feet away from the house.
    • Check for and repair any leaks in the home.
    • Seal any openings where piping and wiring enter the home.
    • Keep plants, shrubs and trees planted and trimmed at least a foot away from the exterior of the home.
    • Use pine needle mulch which is less appealing to termites, instead of wood mulch.

    The best thing you can do is call Nest Pest Control if you have any suspicions of a termite infestation, and schedule an annual termite prevention to give you a peace of mind.

    Why should I use a professional treatment instead of DIY treatments?
    Often DIY treatments are not very effective at killing all the termites and keep them away. Termites burrow underground and within walls or flooring that may not be identified and missed when doing DIY treatments. Also, termites will abandon their nest and relocate when their nest is disturbed. The termite colony usually relocates to a different area of the home since the home has a great food source. It may take a little while to find the colonies new location, and more damage to the home, before another treatment can be applied. This can be very costly in repairs. Our experts at Nest Pest Control know what to do when it comes to exterminating termites. We can identify all of the signs of termite infestations and we treat the whole home, not just where termites are visible. This way, the termites stay away for good.
    Does it cost to do inspections?
    Yes, we do charge for inspections. We are happy to schedule an inspection for your home for any possible termite infestations or damage. These inspections come with a certified inspection certificate that you can use when buying or selling a home. However, if you already know you have termites and need treatment, call us now so we can schedule a time to come and evaluate the situation, at no cost to you. At the evaluation, we will give you an estimate for the cost of a treatment plan, and schedule you for an appointment to come back for treatment.
    Is my home going to be fumigated?
    We have alternative methods to fumigating. These methods are just as effective in getting rid of termites, without the inconvenience of leaving your home.Our process of exterminating termites involves setting baits that kill the whole termite colony, leaving your home termite free. We then return a few days later to place a barrier treatment for the whole perimeter of your home, keeping these pests stay away for good. It is our goal to make the process as easy as possible so that you can breathe easy again.